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Top Tips for creating engaging Instagram Reels

Top Tips for creating engaging Instagram Reels

- Chetan Rathod

Instagram Reels are the Digital Face of Your Brand

The shift from the traditional way of conducting business to the digital format happened decades ago! The transition was new and stressful, but many adapted to the pattern of selling and connecting with the help of pictures. But have you ever wondered if sending static images to somebody over the phone is enough for them to trust your brand? Probably not! Even though everything is virtual, people are curious to know the person behind the screen and build a connection with them. There has been a switch from images to videos, and the demand for them is only going to increase over the years.  Hence, Instagram Reels are the need of the hour and can be the USP of your Instagram business.

Let us put it this way. Do you connect more with advertisements printed in a newspaper or a billboard, or do you relate with an ad you watch on the television? You can clearly see the brand name, product, and colour in a television ad. The same advertisement evokes emotions while delivering a message in a fun or informative way. You also end up remembering the jingle, don’t you? Similar is the format with video marketing or Instagram reels! Only the medium of digital marketing and communication has changed from a T.V. set to a mobile phone.

So if you haven’t incorporated the video marketing hack as an important social media marketing strategy, we have some useful Instagram reels tips for you to use to draw more attention and brand visibility. But before that, let’s understand what Instagram reel is all about. 

The What and Why of Instagram Reels

Reels are the New Form of Marketing and Advertising!

In 2020, Instagram’s parent company, Meta, introduced a new feature called Instagram Reels. The reel is a new feature on the Instagram app itself, where one can share bite-sized information through videos. A reel is a full-screen vertical video which can be recorded from 3 to 90 seconds. Reels are available on the explore tab to scroll and check these videos. Instagram provides editing tools under the reels tab itself, so people can either shoot directly on reels and upload or club various videos shot previously and publish them as one.

One can add filters, stickers, trending music available on the app and captions to make their reel catchy and engaging. What makes reels the biggest highlight of Instagram is that, unlike stories, a reel will not disappear within 24 hours. If you own a private account, it will stay on your feed and be visible to your followers. But if you run a public account, the reel stays forever and is visible to everyone using Instagram. Reels are also fun and informative, making people scroll through these videos all day.

Interestingly, users spend about 30 percent of their daily Instagram time on reels. Thus, there is no reason why you shouldn’t use reels immediately for your business. One can easily share a reel in their story or chats. Reels also give the option of remixing a reel with another user.

The Advantages of Using Reels

  1. Spread brand awareness in a likeable and captivating way.
  2. Reels shift the focus from the feed to a dedicated reel section on the explore page. This allows brands to enjoy awareness and undivided attention.
  3. Reels accelerate engagement and followers on your Instagram business page.
  4. Reels are visible to even those not following your page, so it helps reach new audiences.
  5. Reels provide a medium to tell your brand story, the types of products and services you offer, and behind the scenes of your business.
  6. Reels open up the opportunity for your customers to interact with your business. This helps in building trust and maintaining brand authenticity.

Valuable Instagram Reels Trips and Tricks

Here are some tips for Instagram reels which every business page must follow:

  1. Create Original Content: With rising competition, the Instagram algorithm pushes only content ideas which are fresh and unique. You don’t have to go all-out and think entirely differently for each reel. You can present your brand products and services, but each time ensure to add some twist or make it fun that relates with your audience and does justice to your brand.
  2. The Hook: Each reel stays on a user’s phone for 3 seconds; after that, they can simply scroll to the next reel. So, you have only the first 3 seconds to grab their attention and make them visit your page. Hence, always start your reel with a hook. For example, if you run a clothing brand, you create your reel as “3 clothing styles your wardrobe needs for summer 2024”. This is an informative reel which keeps the audience hooked and intrigued to watch more.
  3. Use Reel Tools: Filters, trending music, stickers and captions in the video – these features are available for a reason. They add more essence to your plain videos and make them power-packed. Ensure to use and place them appropriately in the video.
  4. Follow the Trends: There is a trend, too, with almost every trending music! You need to hop on to the trend immediately before it dies out. Following an Instagram reel trend will bring you great views and engagement. Although you are using trending music and video, ensure to add a creative punch to the video that resonates with your business.
  5. CTA: Always add a CTA to your video. This helps redirect the audience to act by either following your page or sending a DM for queries. You can add a sticker for following in the video or verbally mention and request to follow for more exciting content.

Use ARE InfoTech’s Professional Help to Create Reels

With the help of these Instagram reels tips and tricks, it will sound effortless and straightforward to create reels, but working on it can be daunting. You need to think of fresh ideas daily and keep a tab on the trends and competitors. Why don’t you allow our expert team to manage it for you? We will create the best reels for you!

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