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A Complete Guide on Logo Design Cost in India

Logo Design Cost in India

“How much does a logo design cost in India?”

This is a question we often get asked. We decided to write this article because we want to help to demystify the process of logo design in India. Asking about logo design cost is India something we would love to answer. We know if we were in your shoes, we also want best and cost effective logo design for our venture. A logo is a pivotal part of your brand identity. We understand that it is super important for business growth and brand visibility. It’s going to be on your social media company profiles, website, business card, brochure, flyers, poster – everything.

Before going into deep about logo design process, costing and deliverables first understand the factors on which logo design cost you.

Factors that Affect Logo Design Prices in India

As we all know that we can’t precisely put a price to a service. While searching on Google about “Logo design cost in India”, you may have encountered many links with different prices and offering. However, there are certain basic aspects on which one can determine the cost of logo design. The logo design cost in India can vary depending on a number of factors such as designer or agency your work with, the concept of the design, complexity element involve, number of modification required and of course the timeline. The most important factor among the above all is the experience and expertise of the designer or agency. The other parameter which may affect the price is the design package you choose. Some packages include visiting card, letterhead and basic brand communication material included in the cost.

Cost of Logo Design in India

“You are paying for their experience, skill and their time”

Every logo should have a behind the scene story line or a concept to tell to its target audience. If your logo is just simple element placement OR twisting the character to a shape OR just fancy initial fonts of short form of your brand name then you don’t need to pay much. It can be done in just INR 1500 to INR 5000. However, a professional logo designer will understand the objective of the logo that its essential piece of a brand that creates recognition. By keeping your brand name, USPs, target audience and competition in the centre he/she will use graphic skills to create something which speaks for your brand. You can hire a logo designer in India with quality deliverable in the range of INR 5000 to INR 30,000. As far as high end advertising agencies are concern where multiple brand strategist and creative head work on the concept may cost you INR 1, 00,000 to INR 5, 00,000. Well-resourced businesses that want a complete, top-to-bottom branding package may hire them. However this is not advisable for small and medium scale businesses. At the end we must say

“Don’t leave design to chance”

What is a fair price to pay for a logo design in India?

Recently our market research division conducted a survey among 350 freelance designer and agencies in India to know fair logo design cost in India. Based on the survey results they advised that INR 3000 to INR 25,000 is fair starting point for logo design cost in India. In creative field there is one famous saying

“You get what you pay for”

We this article we are trying to create awareness and giving you an idea about how much one should invest in logo design . It is not in anyone’s interest to be confused about what they should do with their new logo and branding. With freelancers, you can get a good logo design for any price, but if you hire an agency it will be easier to set the branding guideline.

Logo Design Cost Calculator

What Logo Files Need to be Delivered?

Despite of the fact that what expertise you are hiring, you must get some raw files of logo design. These files are very important when you do any event, promotion or create newspaper advertisement. The first thing your marketing agency needs a raw logo file because based on the raw file they will develop creative. At the end of the design project, you should be receiving:

  • 1.Different file format (JPEG, PNG, PSD, EPS, AI etc.)
  • 2.Style guide (Font, colour, Outline etc.)
  • 3.Logo design in vector format
  • 4.Logo design (Black & White) in vector format
  • 5.Stationery design files

Logo Files Need to be Delivered

Above also depend on the package you have bought from the logo designer. In some packages logo designer also provide vertical and horizontal lockup along with square lockup for social media profiles. You can also get a no objection and intellectual property declaration certificate from your designer or company on their letter head. It will help you to get legal ownership of your logo and brand identity. The intellectual property rights should be on your name. The small freelance designer do not understand the importance of this but it is very necessary documents while filing trademark, patent and help you in any legal case. This ensures that your logo design is exclusively yours.

How Much for a Logo Design in 2024 with ARE InfoTech?

ARE InfoTech is a leading digital marketing agency established in 2009. We have 15+ years of experience in logo design and branding. We worked over 5000+ projects so far and designed Logo for Multinational to start-up companies. Whether you are an established company or new venture, you always want your logo identity to stand the test of time. We at ARE InfoTech understand the same and provide you trendy identity which help your brand to penetrate in the market. We have very holistic approach towards logo design –

  • 1.Understand your brand, target audience and USPs
  • 2.Choose the colour scheme that reflects your brand message
  • 3.Choose right font family to reflect your message
  • 4.Create multiple rough versions
  • 5.Get feedback from all stake holders
  • 6.Polish your winning design
  • 7.Provide you all necessary raw files and material as per the package

Above seven steps procedure is the core of our design culture. We are known to the fact that a good logo is distinctive, appropriate, practical, graphic and simple in form, and it conveys the brand’s message. On an average our package starts from INR 3000 and goes up to INR 20,000 depending on the option, iteration you need and supporting design material.

Supporting Design You must take with Logo

A logo design alone wouldn’t help you. You need various other graphic designs with your new logo. It’s better to go for a club deal and take the following design files as well –

  • 1.Business Card Design
  • 2.Letterheads Design
  • 3.Flyer and Leaflets Design
  • 4.Envelopes Design
  • 5.Stickers Design

Apart from this there are various other accessories you may need such as Gift Voucher, Signage, Party Invites, Mugs, Posters and Calendars. You can go as per your budget and get design file ready. This will not only save your future time but also if one agency do it all, you will get all the raw file ready at one place for future references.

How long should a logo design take?

Logo designing is a creative process and we all know that creativity is subjective. There is no set guideline about the timeline however on an average it takes 2 weeks’ time. It also depends on the agency or freelancer that how fast they are reacting to modification request. As a client you should also need to understand that there must be creative balance while designing the logo and catering your request. If you trust the designer and their expertise then don’t ask for unnecessary options. Being a client sometime your request may be entertained but if it violates some design principal then your brand would be on risk in long run. We have worked with several individuals, business owners, start-ups and companies for their branding need and can guarantee you that it wouldn’t take more than 30 days to create a logo despite of the branding scale.

Why a cheap logo design could be a negative investment to your business?

The brand identity includes the logo, and if that's not done well, it can ruin your business before it's even had a chance to succeed. When you spend fewer amounts and hire a small agency or freelancer they might give you a logo which is already be in use with small twist and turn. Sometime you choose logo maker websites and generate a logo from there this called the generic logo design. Generic “ready-made” logos bought by multiple buyers expose you to legal and business risks and are worthless. Don’t you think that if our logo looks cheap, people will assume that your business is too! A good-looking logo helps build brand recognition and trust. If your logo is unoriginal or forgettable then it is a negative investment to your brand and business. As per the article and our package the cost of the logo design is not much compare to other marketing activities so don’t settle for less.

How do I trademark my Logo?

trademark my Logo

You can file a trademark to protect your logo which can become your brand's identity. Sometime you might have the question that when you should file the trademark application? It is always advisable to file the trademark application when your company is registered and all paper work done despite of the country of origin you live in. Trademark procedures vary from country to country and you can hire a consultant for the same. Company or businesses in India can approach ARE InfoTech for their trademark needs.

Conclusion and Final Say!

Investing in quality logo design for your business is not a choice, it should be mandatory for your branding needs. By this logo design cost in India guide we tried our best to explain you all aspect of the business. Be prepared to invest between INR 3000 to INR 25000 to get a quality logo that represent your brand well and lasts for long time. There are good or bad agencies available, you have to judge the agency by their expertise and experience. By working with an established agency like ARE InfoTech, you can ensure that your logo effectively communicates your brand message and stands ahead of the competition. We wish you all the best for your logo design and future success. If you still have any doubt or confusion on logo design cost in India, please feel free to Contact Us via email or call. We will be happy to assist you with your logo design query.