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SMS Marketing in Ahmedabad

SMS marketing offer a cost- and time-efficient way to communicate with your target audience and with the viral nature of SMS, your mobile database will grow with each use as good campaigns are passed on to other contacts. It is an integral part of your advertising strategy enables tailored SMS to be delivered directly to each one of your customers. Hiring a SMS marketing expert for a professional consultancy can help create a real strategy to overcome any resource limitations you may have.

We at ARE InfoTech provide low cost SMS marketing in Ahmedabad. We are the leading bulk SMS service provider in Ahmedabad. What makes us different is that we have a team of experienced SMS marketing experts ready to help.

Why SMS marketing is cool?

  • More than 98% of SMS is being read
  • SMS helps boost corporate reputation
  • Drive online sales
  • Cost effective solution

Bulk SMS Promotion Campaign, How Does It Work?

First we review your current business situation and goals by in depth discussion with your team. Based on that we identify opportunities and possible strategies to consider based on your resources. We then use that information to set realistic budgets, SMS frequency and objectives for SMS marketing campaigns. Our bulk SMS delivery platform ensures that your SMS is delivered and read by your target audience. For more information about our bulk SMS packages and Bulk SMS sending tool contact us for free demo.