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How to Use Facebook Marketing for Your Business?

How to Use Facebook Marketing for Your Business?

- Gautam Sharma

Facebook is the Timeless Marketing Goldmine for your Business

When was the last time you checked your personal Facebook account? Probably when you must have received a notification for a friend request, or somebody would have tagged you. That’s alright as it is the situation with everyone around. Even when you check Facebook once out of the blue, do the advertisements while scrolling annoy you? While we all get irritated and wonder are these ads even effective anymore, as an entrepreneur, you must not neglect them and realise Facebook marketing could work wonders for your business!

Earlier, Facebook was limited to only adding photos/videos and sharing life updates. But today, this social media platform has grown multi-fold and has incorporated modern-day digital marketing opportunities bringing unique and lucrative marketing and connecting avenues to businesses. As per recent statistics, Facebook has 2.95 billion global monthly active users. 93% of advertisers and 93.7% of companies use Facebook’s platform to expand their business digitally. Don’t you think by not using Facebook marketing for your business, you are missing out on the golden chance to digitally tap the market by not using Facebook marketing for your business?

Over the years, many social media applications have experienced their share of rises and fall! But Facebook is the colossus of all applications and digital marketing! Hence, there is no reason why you should exclude Facebook from your annual social media marketing strategies! Whether you consider Facebook marketing for small businesses or sizeable ones, Facebook marketing isn’t optional.

But what is Facebook marketing, and how can you use it for your business? Let’s find out!

What is Facebook Marketing?

Unlike traditional marketing through print media, which targets everyone, Facebook marketing has changed the game. It offers businesses a streamlined and more robust marketing portal to approach only those customers who are likely to convert into loyal and repeat customers! In simple terms, Facebook marketing is the process of promoting a brand’s presence (products and services) on Facebook’s platform with a precise targeting facility. This promotion can be organic and paid. 

You can post an image, video or carousel on your Facebook business page and allow the algorithm to work its charm and organically draw the ideal audience to your page. Or use this platform's in-built features and techniques to boost your sales with paid advertisements. Thus, Facebook marketing for your business is a comprehensive term which includes various marketing instruments in your kitty, such as:

  1. Facebook Ads 
  2. Business Pages 
  3. Facebook Marketplace
  4. Facebook Groups

You can advertise your business through any or all of these channels on Facebook. However, you need to strategise for each and set aside a specific budget for Facebook Ads. An organic route will deliver the expected results, but it is a slow process. Your business ads are the best to incorporate in your advertising plans for quick and assured results that will boom. There are a variety of ad formats available such as:

  1. Image Ads – A static image with 40 characters in the headline and 125 characters in the main message.

  2. Video Ads – Exhibit your brand products, show behind the scenes or promote a customer testimonial to build trust with audiences through the advert.

  3. Carousel Ads – If your static images do not draw traction, you can promote a host of pictures through carousel ads.

  4. Collection Ads – You can advertise image collections from your e-commerce store. A collection ad showcases a large photo or video with smaller product images below it.

Whichever ad type you select largely depends upon the campaign goal you choose. The average click-through rate (CTR) of Facebook ads is 0.90 per cent, and the average conversion rate is 9.21 per cent across all industries. Thus, as a small business owner, if you are worried about spending on Facebook marketing for small businesses, you need not! Facebook ads will help the world discover your brand!

Benefits of Facebook Marketing

  1. Enhances traffic and brings engagement.

  2. Draws traffic to the website leading to leads and conversions.

  3. Allows micro-targeting the audience based on location and demographics.

  4. Ads help increase views and engagement even on organic posts.

  5. With ads, you can re-target those audiences who previously showed interest in your services but have yet to take action.

  6. In each ad, you can add a CTA that directs the audience to take the necessary action you want them to take. 

  7. Measure the performance of every ad with the help of Facebook analytics.

How to Use Facebook Marketing for Your Business?

  1. Ads Manager Account: First, you need a business page/account to run ads, as you cannot promote through a personal profile. Then through the page, you need to create an Ad Manager account which will be the hub of managing all your ad campaigns. Once you log in to the Ads account, you will see a dashboard where you can manage and track your ads.

  2. Ad Objective: Click “Create” on the dashboard and select from the 11 ads objective available. These objectives are based on your ad goals and include brand awareness, engagement, conversions, video views, messages, website traffic, reach, app installs, catalogue sales, etc.

  3. Campaign Name: Name every campaign to track. You can later use different versions of the campaign for A/B testing for your campaigns.

  4. Audience: You can select your audience based on gender, age, behaviour, interests, education, language, income and many more options. This helps in micro-targeting and reaching the correct audience.

  5. Set a Budget: Facebook allows you to set a daily budget. You can even set a lifetime budget which runs the ad for a specific time.

  6. Ad Scheduling: You can choose whether you want to run the ad campaign immediately, or you can customise it by selecting your campaign's start and end date.

  7. Ads Placement: At this stage, you have to decide where your ads will appear. You can either allow Facebook to select by clicking “Automatic Placements”. Or you can customise placement where you want to show the ads—for example, Facebook, Messenger, Marketplace, Instagram, etc. 


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You will come across multiple blogs and webpages that will provide a step-by-step guide on Facebook Marketing. But still, it can become a hassle and confuse one during execution. Also, it can be frustrating when you don’t see results after multiple ad campaigns. Hence, we save you from all that struggle! Our team is experienced and skilled in managing Facebook ads. From understanding your goals and managing ads to delivering results and evaluating insights – we handle it all for you!

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