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Website Maintenance Cost in India

Website Maintenance Cost in India: Complete Guide in 2024

If you have been searching what website maintenance cost in India or around the world in 2024, you will find a huge price gap between website development companies and freelance professionals. In order to better understand this price differential and make a sound decision, we have developed guide to website maintenance costs.

Before we plunge into the cost of maintaining the website in India let us give you a brief about the common issue related to it.

Why Should I Update My Website?

“On an average it is estimated that 50,000 websites are hacked per day”

Are you wanted to be one of them and spoil your visitor’s experience? No, you are not the one and that’s why you are searching about website maintenance. Before we go further on this lets understand few facts first. Over the last few years, there has been a huge shift in the number of businesses that are improving or strengthening their online presence. With over 8 billion searches per day and 4.9 billion people, actively using the Internet, it is important to make your website stand out. However, if you are not technical person and your developer is not maintaining your website properly, you will on risk of losing customers.

If a visitor comes to your site for information or to make a purchase and found the process complicated, it is obvious that they will leave and go to your competition.Slow loading speed, out dated content, old pictures, error pages, website down due to server issues, traffic handling and virus attacks are the main reasons for you to choose a reliable website maintenance company or go for annual maintenance contract. There are certainly other factors, no site is ever 100% safe, and however a support & maintenance service will vastly reduce risks to your site and ensure speedy action is taken should a problem arise. This is the main reason you should maintain your website.

What happens when you don’t maintain your website?

Before knowing the website maintenance cost in India, we have to understand the drawbacks when you don’t maintain a website. When a website is left without proper maintenance, it can lead to various negative consequences that impact its performance, security, and user experience. Firstly, outdated software and plugins can leave the website vulnerable to security threats such as malware attacks and hacking attempts. Without regular updates and security patches, sensitive data stored on the website, such as user information and payment details, becomes susceptible to breaches, putting both the website owner and visitors at risk. Moreover, neglecting maintenance can result in deteriorating website performance, including slow loading times, broken links, and frequent downtime. This can frustrate visitors and drive them away from the site, leading to decreased traffic, lower search engine rankings, and ultimately, loss of potential customers and revenue.

Furthermore, the lack of maintenance can hinder the website's ability to adapt to changes in technology and user expectations. With rapid advancements in web development and design, an outdated website may appear obsolete and unprofessional compared to competitors' sites. Additionally, without regular content updates and optimization, the website may fail to engage and retain visitors, resulting in diminished brand credibility and relevance. Overall, neglecting website maintenance not only compromises its security and performance but also undermines its effectiveness as a valuable business asset in the digital age.

What is included in maintaining the website?

Website maintenance services vary depending on the requirement of user. It also depends on website design company’s packages. In general, website maintenance is a fully managed service which includes following –

  • • Content Creation and Content Update
  • • Technical Fixes on the Website
  • • Hosting Services
  • • Plugin and Module Maintenance if website is using CMS like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla
  • • Security Patching and Code Scan
  • • Taking a back-up of the website on Monthly Basis
  • • Report Broken Links

Above are the common practices in the market however, sometime it is mutual understanding between website owner and services company about the tasks. In nut shell, regular maintenance of the website is necessary to make sure you provide the best user experience and beat the competition.

Website Maintenance Cost in India?

As a leading website design company in India, This is a question we are asked quite frequently! The first thing you need to understand is that maintaining the website is a generic term, which includes various tasks and activities. Website maintenance costs vary greatly, depending on many factors that we will look at in more detail below in the article. When it comes to the website maintenance cost in India, your rate will largely depend on your website structure. That's why here we have a breakdown of website maintenance pricing by website type.

  • Website Type

    Small Business Website

    Institute or Organization Website

    Web Portal or Corporate website

    Ecommerce Website

    Market Places or Aggregator website

  • Maintenance Cost (INR /Month)

    1,000 to 2,500

    2,500 to 5,000

    3,000 to 8,000

    5,000 to 20,000

    10,000 to 50,000

  • Remark

    Usually have less number of pages and simple structure.

    More number of pages compare to small business website, CMS structure, Regular update Requirement. Plugin and Backup management is critical.

    This types of website require update as per search engine, the CMS and security is top concern. Website Up time and daily monitoring required.

    Product upload, management and sales reports. Security and code scan required frequently. Search Engine and URL management is big challenge.

    Such websites usually have multiple stake holders and report and database management is

    important tasks along all other tasks. Backups are more frequent and server management is challenging.

Note – Above packages are based on the fact that you go for all the essential website maintenance services. It is a sample range by considering well-known established companies in mind as per 2024.

Website Design Cost Calculator

Fix Costs in Website Maintenance

Although maintenance costs may differ from the organization's experience, based on the tasks involved, there are other common costs to be determined. We have list down fix expenses while maintain a website –

  • • Domain Name Renewal Cost
  • • SSL Certification Renewal
  • • Website Hosting Renewal
  • • Email Hosting
  • • If you are using any paid plugin or CMS the occurring cost (If Any)
  • • Third Party API Renewal or Maintenance (E.g. – SMS gateway, Payment Gateway, Delivery APIs)

If you are manging all this by your own then you need not pay anything to your services provider. Web Hosting is most challenging among above all because it varies depending on the website scale. While having VPS or dedicated server you must need a professional website company. VPS and dedicated server will increase your annual maintenance cost.

Website Maintenance Cost Determining Factors

Now, we have discussed about the website maintenance cost in India let’s understand what the core factors on which company provide costing.

  • 1.

    Code Structure –As a non-technical person you are not aware about the code and its complexity. While using a popular framework or CMS you can reduce maintenance cost. However, if your code in undocumented and using any new framework the code reading is tough for companies and number of hours required to maintenance and hence cost get increase.

  • 2.

    Web Hosting –If you are using VPS / dedicated hosting and took unmanaged server then a dedicated specialist requires managing server. The cost of the resource will be high and hence the website maintenance cost increase.

  • 3.

    Email Hosting –Corporate usually require more number of emails on the company domain and hence a dedicated mail server comes in picture. Managing all the email on third party Email server, creating backups and managing SPAM need lots of time and resources.

  • 4.

    SEO Updates and Content Management –If you are doing SEO on your website then website need constant updates. You need to update content, title tags and Meta description and hence the cost gets increase.

  • 5.

    Website Backup –Website and database backup is most critical aspect of website maintenance cost. If your organization needs regular backup then it is obvious that cost would be more. Website backup is usually depends on the website nature and information update on daily basis. However, it is the most important cost determination factor.

Website Maintenance Cost in India

How to Minimize Website Maintenance Cost?

You and your organization give priority to cost cutting but websites are equally important. You cannot DIY (Do it yourself) but you can easily optimize website maintenance cost. We are providing you some important tips of saving website AMC –

  • 1.

    Club it with SEO –Search Engine Optimization is equally important activity and you cannot survive without SEO in today’s competition. Usually SEO companies maintain the website for better SEO results. If you hire SEO Company in India, you need not go for a spate Website AMC. SEO Agency will manage content, images and do security audit by them.

  • 2.

    Choose Reliable Hosting Provider – In order to save some money don’t compromise with hosting provider. There are many cheap hosting companies who provide hosting packages in sale but either it have low grade server or the security is compromised. You should always choose a reliable and reputed hosting company. It will save you from website security cost, backup costs and update issues.

  • 3.

    Choose Reliable Email Hosting Plans – By choosing free OR reliable email hosting companies, you can save cost associate with Email hosting. For free plans there are certain restrictions such as number of emails on the domain, space and support.

We have gave you some tips however, you still believe it by doing it yourself then read the below section.

Risks of DIY Website Maintenance

Without appearing too dramatic, the risk of do-it-yourself Website maintenance can often be very high. You may have some in-house staff that understands technical aspects of your website or create content but having an in-house team who can do it all will be difficult to find unless you are a large corporation. Apart from the expertise the cost of having a professional is much more compare to outsourcing it to a professional company. If you don’t know much about the coding, server management, backup upload and other technicalities of security and managing website with the help of CMS or YouTube tutorial then you are at great risk. Your code may be compromised and harming your chances of search engine ranking without your knowledge. Saving cost is always good but don’t save on the cost of new business and opportunities.

ARE InfoTech and Your Website Maintenance

Whether you need someone to update your content regularly or more comprehensive services such as website design and development, ARE InfoTech expert team can always help. With many years of experience, we can ensure that your essential website runs for your business. We offer multiple website maintenance plans available to fit any budget. We have a great team of web development professionals, content marketers, and designers who work with many clients.

Our rates are surprisingly low, with rates starting at only INR 1,000 a month for security maintenance and care for small websites. The actual price of a web maintenance package with ARE InfoTech customised to suit your needs will depend on the amount of work required, how often it will need to be done, and the complexity of the work. For a quote specifically tailored to your exact requirements please click here.