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SEO for Accounting Firms and CPAs

SEO for Accounting Firms and CPAs

- Ashafak Shekh

If you are an owner of an accounting firm or charted accountant who wish to handle offshore clients this blog post is for you. It is obvious that you know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and hence landed here, without wasting much of your time we will explain how you can get benefited from SEO services. SEO for an accounting firm is a little bit tricky and hence most SEO agency misses the main patch. In this blog post from ARE InfoTech, we will cover the main SEO factors you need to look at to improve the visibility of your accountancy firm on Google and the major search engines such as MSN, Bing, Yahoo, and Yep.

This article we have written after transforming three accounting firms worldwide with our SEO services. We understand SEO for accounting firms and hence provide deep insight and tips from our experience. This article does not preach about SEO but provides meaningful and in-depth analysis one should consider while running or managing an accounting firm.

SEO for Accountants

If you are a charted accountant or running a CPA firm and looking for international or quality clients, what would be your first step?

“An interactive website with impactful content about your services”

Now Imagine your website keeps generating quality leads and new business calls every week. This can happen easily with SEO for accounting firm services from ARE InfoTech. SEO is a key marketing tactic for accounting firms and CPAs. There are too many small players that will take your money but fail to deliver the results. And more important they will waste your valuable time and money. Most SEO companies do the common mistake to treat accounting firms as simple service providers and apply standard SEO techniques. These techniques are not different and more like standard rituals which include – Link building, submission on random websites, writing blogs without research, and some infographics which can be used for social media.

Do you think this will give you top position in search engine?

No, it wouldn’t. It is a well-known fact that the first spot in Google search results gets almost 30% of all clicks. On the other hand, only 0.60% of searchers go to page second of Google search results. The SEO for an accounting firm starts from understanding the business or you can say you’re offering to a client. Based on that remaining SEO strategy is designed or tailored. You may think that you are not offering any unique services however there must be a small element that differentiates your business from others, as SEO expert we have to build a strategy around it.

Accountancy Firm Positioning/Niche

In order to get clients from your website, you’ve to understand the mindsets of the customer. Suppose an e-commerce company based in the USA looking for an accountant and you put information about Federal & State Tax return Filing, then you have claimed the expertise. You put this message in client's mind that you understand the niche and right accounting or CPA firm for them. This will not happen with one statement or service page, you have to build authenticity. As a leading SEO company in India, we have decade-long experience and understand all the niche which is required for an accounting firm or CPA to attract customers from abroad. 

If you are looking for professional support get in touch for a complimentary SEO Consultation

Step by Step SEO for Accounting firms and CPAs

SEO is the collection of tools and tactics that will be used to promote your accounting business.  It is simply a signature term and every SEO company has its own way of approaching it. We may have a different approach toward SEO for accounting firms; however, most of the techniques are tried and tested. Our approach is result-oriented and provides mind-blowing results to our existing clients. Once you have a proven track record to work for an industry it becomes very easy to create a template or outline. We as an SEO company believe in the following approach –

  1. Competition Analysis
  2. In-depth keyword research about your offering
  3. Keyword pool creation and choosing the right set in first phase
  4. Content creation around the keyword umbrella
  5. Impactful infographics and useful information sharing mechanism.
  6. Local positioning and GMB optimization
  7. Impactful citation and high PR link strategy
  8. Increase user interaction via engaging tools
  9. Contact page optimization and lead funnel creation
  10. Zero navigation approach for visitor

This is just a glimpse of our offering and strategy. As a SEO company, we have a dedicated team of experts who have vast experience in SEO for accounting firms. Whether you are looking for clients from abroad or the same country our local SEO strategy will 100% generate high traffic and quality leads.

Supporting Tactics for Accounting Firms SEO

It is obvious that you are reading this blog means you are more interested in SEO rather than any other marketing technique. However, do you know that SEO does require the support of social signals? In order to get social signals from various social media platforms, your brand needs a strong social media management campaign. Apart from social media, there are a few other techniques such as –

  1. Remarketing
  2. Display advertisement
  3. Email marketing
  4. Social media Ads
  5. Online reputation management

The specifics here can vary based on your target audience, geography, and goals but the point remains the same – SEO works best when teamed with other tactics. As a leading SEO agency we can ensure you quality traffic however if you combined SEO with above mentioned techniques the conversion will double. By taking supporting tactics you can reduce your CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)

Measuring Impact of SEO for your Accounting Firm

The most important step is to measure results and deliverables so as a business owner you can measure the success. There are multiple parameters available by which you can track success of SEO efforts put by an SEO agency. The obvious and most important aspect is revenue growth; this will end the debate about success and failure. However, the growth is the final outcome and it will take time, you need some solid matrix in between the campaign to monitor SEO success. You can see progress about keywords, traffic, and search impression from Google Analytics and Google search console. Apart from Google tools there are many other SEO tools available e.g. Ahref, SEMrush, Screaming Fog, and Spyfu which can provide progress report.

We at ARE InfoTech follow a full proof reporting mechanism. Our SEO executive, SEO manager, and team leader provide you with daily report and work done to progress. We do have a mechanism to provide review meetings on a monthly basis along with progress report.

Conclusion and Next Step

Hopefully, if you have made it this far, then you should have an improved understanding of SEO for accounting firms. SEO is a long-term, ongoing marketing technique. It helps your business stay updated with search engine algorithms while always attracting new clients online. By investing in SEO your accounting firm will grow, boost revenue and increase your client base worldwide.

By this blog post, we hope that we established our expertise in SEO for accounting firms. If you would like some guidance on how to improve your SEO then please contact us, our SEO expert will do no obligation SEO audit.  For more information about SEO tools, techniques, and industry-specific tailored strategies contact us anytime. We will be more than happy to assist you with your marketing needs.