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What should be the budget for Digital Marketing?

What should be the budget for Digital Marketing?

- Vishnu Saadhu

Whether you are startup or established company, digital marketing is the need of the hour for you. Before going further about what minimum digital marketing budget one should put monthly for digital marketing activity let me explain you something about the power of digital marketing. It is well known fact that technology has replaced the traditional marketing tactics with digital marketing despite of the business vertical. The best part about digital marketing is, it is Cheaper, quicker, and more measurable. Digital Marketing is especially useful for businesses on a budget, including start-ups and smaller businesses that don’t have a huge marketing budget for radio, TV and Newspaper advertisement. There are many small businesses who used digital marketing and now they are well-known companies.

Being most effective and direct mode digital marketing is best for any business. But the question still remains the same 

"What is idle budget for Digital Marketing ?"

Digital Marketing Budget

How to Allocate Your Digital Marketing Budget?

So which techniques should you focus on when you start promoting your own business online using digital marketing?

The question still remains in your mind.

Usually small companies and startups don’t have a dedicated team to plan your marketing budget, in that case you should take help of digital marketing companies. However, it is very common problem where digital marketing companies propose you based on their expertise rather than your business needs. As a digital marketer having 12+ years’ experience, When I discuss digital marketing most of companies think that social media marketing would be most effective for their business. However, my answer is very simple “YES” it can be most popular but “NOT” most effective in all cases. There are other tools and techniques which can be very effective and produce high returns of your investment e.g. – Content Marketing, Reputation Building, Third Party Media Buying, Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing. In order to set right budget, you need right digital marketing consultant who will aware you about right methods and techniques. The domain understanding, purchase pattern observation and command on digital marketing techniques makes us best digital marketing consultant, you can ask us for no obligation audit of your business. Being the best digital marketing company, ARE InfoTech believes in complete transparency and hence developed some tools for you where you can plan your digital marketing budget –

1. Website Design Cost Calculator

2. SEO Cost Calculator

However above-mentioned tools are just for basic planning purpose. Your own assessment and understanding about the market are not enough to set right budget hence you need professional assistance.

The Final Say!

If you’re yet to set-up digital marketing budget, not sure on how to use it to its full potential, the thought of attempting digital marketing baffles you or you simply don’t have the time to fully manage it, let us handle it. We have in-house digital marketing team which will assist you for your digital marketing needs and provide you best possible solution. We are full spectrum software development company which not only help you with your marketing needs but also provide you  low cost CRM software, Mobile App and other IT services in most affordable rates. 

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