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How Google Web Stories Drive More Traffic

How Google Web Stories Drive More Traffic

- Vishnu Saadhu

Increasing website traffic is essential for every organization. Traffic is the number of individuals that visit your website. You may also know that there are two methods to do this: organic and paid. Organic traffic consists of visitors to your website. They visit with the explicit aim of searching for your product. Utilizing SEO, this is often displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs). This may even be accomplished with paid Google Ads.

A rise in website traffic translates into a rise in revenue-generating. This is achievable with a solid SEO strategy, constant implementation, and with the best SEO Company in Ahmedabad.

What are google web stories?

Google Webstory is rich, brief visual format or slide show material similar to other social network stories on mobile devices, allowing you to browse a range of information by swiping between them.

Google Web Stories have its own carousel on Google Discover, Google Images, and Google App platforms. This is a tremendous opportunity for publishers and bloggers like you and me to get our material discovered via organic search traffic.

How Web Stories Improve Your Video Marketing Efforts

  • Enhanced online presence: Google web stories are web pages that employ the stories format and are hosted. Web Stories on Google are crawled, indexed, and ranked similarly to standard web pages by search engines. Web Stories boost the discoverability of your brand by bringing visitors to your website; you can track their success with Google Analytics. Web Tales, unlike social app-based stories, are accessible on the open web without ecosystem constraints. You may link directly to them or have them display on Google Discover, Google Search, and Google Images. Video SEO approaches enhance your online presence, and video SEO best practices are applicable to Google Stories.
  • Accessible to Everyone, Everywhere: Anyone with an internet-connected device may access Google Web Stories. Your audience does not need to be enrolled in to any app to watch your Web Stories, nor do they expire. You may embed or link to your Web Stories on other platforms without restriction. Experts from both Google and WordPress argue for open access that helps both users and creators. The Web Stories WordPress plugin was developed particularly for the widely used WordPress content management system (CMS) to make embedding and integrating Web Stories even simpler.
  • Exceptional Creative Freedom: User-friendly tools, such as the official AMP stories WordPress plugin, allow you to select your layout, fonts, and other elements without difficulty. WordPress specialists are capable of coding Web Stories from scratch. If you are not using WordPress, you can utilize a third-party Web Stories tool or visual editors like Make Stories or Newsroom AI. Web Tales do not limit your inventiveness, in contrast to social app stories. You can configure Web Stories to link to external web sites or content, and you may monetize Web Stories. However, this material can be made simply and for free, so there is no excuse not to check out Web Stories.

Are you prepared to get first-mover advantage with a new format?

Google favors information generated in a manner that it endorses or promotes. Take use of this now as opposed to later. It might enhance your exposure to prospective consumers. Increasing website traffic is essential for every organization. Traffic is the number of individuals that visit your website.