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5 Lessons Digital Marketer Have To Learn From The Pandemic

5 Lessons Digital Marketer Have To Learn From The Pandemic

- Gautam Sharma

Pandemic came with a lot of learnings for everyone. The same is true for digital marketers, who now have to adapt to the newly changed consumer behavior and patterns. 

Large businesses as well as small businesses need to understand the new changes and devise correct strategies for good results. Digital marketers need to embrace infrastructure and tools, boost creativity with insights and machine learning, and invest and cultivate agility. 

In present times, consumers are more prone to like the products and services that are offered unique and personalized to the preferences of the consumers. Some marketers make good use of this opportunity by dispensing the information that consumers need. 

In the new digital marketing strategy, consumer behavior plays a pivotal role in how successful the end results would be. Therefore, it is very important to know the buyer’s persona and what affects their decision-making. 

Impact of Pandemic on Consumer Behavior

The pandemic posed many challenges for just everyone. The same is true for businesses which now have to face a shift in consumer behavior. The onset of COVID-19 led consumers to behave differently. They did a lot of panic buying and purchasing essential commodities. The hygiene and cleaning products were also in huge demand. 

Consumers started spending money with precaution, and buying locally sourced products got much in fashion. As of now, when we are coming back to normal, the consumers still have changed preferences and behavior. 

All these changes need the attention of intelligent digital marketers, who need to devise marketing strategies considering the change in consumer behavior. 

Consumers are spending a lot of time online as compared to before the pandemic. As people spend less time outside in the open, so traditional marketing channels are subjected to limitations. 

Amidst all this, there is a surge in time that people spend online which is a good indication for digital marketers who need to focus, analyze and review their approach as per the new trends in consumer behavior. 

Thus, investing in social media, online ads and blogging have also become important post-pandemic. Marketers need to be creative and innovative with what they offer to the customers. 

The pandemic also gave rise to people spending time on social media with their friends, family, and acquaintances. As a result of which, consumers are more prone to adopt or try products and services which are spread via word of mouth or suggestions given by peer groups. 

This is another challenge in front of marketers and businesses, which now need to come up with personalization around their products and services in order to compete well in the market. 

5 Lessons Digital Marketers Need to Learn From Pandemic

There are some key takeaways for digital marketers in these competitive times. Businesses are now more dependent than ever on digital marketing strategies. The event and conferences budgets are now seen reallocated and shifting to digital marketing. 

E-commerce is now more relevant than ever before. There is increased digital adoption amongst consumers so without wasting any time digital marketers need to analyze their working style as well as learn some lessons. 

1. Knowing the Audience Behavior

Conversions can now come from anywhere, so what consumers or audience searches for is very important to know. 

Also, knowing who is searching and how searches change over time is important to know for a digital marketer. They need to understand the search behavior of various audiences and improve on audience targeting. 

2. Key to Success – Automation 

Automation is the key to success. Digital marketers need to figure out the level of personalization that is needed to attract the audience. Privacy also needs to be respected and a creative approach to automation should be established. 

There is a growing need for automation. Marketers need to find out which data points are useful and valuable and which are not. They can optimize campaigns in a better way by improving the data quality. 

3. Using Data for Branding and Activation 

The pandemic showed us the importance of collecting and activating first-party data. It enabled digital marketers to focus on customer types and various product groups, using paid search campaigns. 

Therefore, they now need to reach consumers where they are with personalized messages, thereby building a stronger and better connection with the audience at large. 

4. Focus More on Communications

To stand out in the competition, communications strategies must be focused on the customers. For more personalization, it is important to make right and just use of segmentation and targeting. 

It is significant to communicate using outbound messages featuring promotions, customer orders, virtual events, etc. 

The communications should be relevant and valuable to both new and existing customers. They should be centered around customer needs and preferences, rather than loading them with unwanted information or messages. 

5. Analyzing and Adapting to New Changes 

There are new trends emerging on a daily basis in the post-pandemic world. A clever digital marketer must analyze all such changes and adopt methodologies that can help in sustaining a long-term digital strategy. 

For example, an SEO Agency in Boise city of Idaho focused on exponential rise in ‘near me’ searches during pandemic and increased qualitative organic traffic of one of their client by over 30%. 

Again, analyzing and monitoring data to find out what works and what does not is very important.