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SEO for Mining and Mineral Companies

SEO for Mining and Mineral Companies

- Shivam Shekhawat

SEO is important marketing technique for all industries including mines and minerals. If you are running a mining firm or mineral supplier company, you need SEO to get new business leads. ARE InfoTech is known for its 36-degree marketing approach and provides services to many mining companies around the world. We understand the industry well because our core group have done extensive research on minerals and its usage. We worked with mines owners, mineral trading companies and mineral supplier companies for their marketing needs.

How to get direct sales leads?

The mines and mineral industry is a very dynamic industry. There are multiple stakeholders and players in supply chain. From a small order to month long supply, there are various firms and individuals involved. In order to increase margin, you have to eliminate middle man and brokers. If you are a mines owner or mineral supplier company, you defiantly need that your mineral should directly bought by process industry. The same challenge is faced by process industry purchase department, they also deal with lots of brokerage firms and middle man. By our SEO for Mining and Mineral Companies services, we ensure that you will get direct business from process industries. With our effective SEO strategy and marketing plan, your website appears in top of the search result. Our content team optimize and designed content as per your offering and that translate into qualified sales leads. We understand the science behind SEO and ensure you the guaranteed results. Our team is expert in mineral related keywords and their search volume and our tailored strategy drive more traffic on website. We as a SEO company in India is committed to provide you qaulity sales leads and more business. 

How much time it takes to get sales leads?

This is obvious and most asked question by mineral trading companies. We understand the thumb rule “sooner is better” and committed to provide you results as soon as possible. However, the SEO process require certain time to produce results. It may vary from 3 months to 6 months for most of the cases in mines and mineral industry.  SEO for Mining and Mineral Companies ideally take minimum 3 months’ time to produce domestic inquiries. If you are looking for international or export business then minimum it needs 6 months’ time.  However, if you have quality minerals and with specific chemical composition which is in high demand, then the time is slightly less compare to mentioned.

Mines Mineral SEO

How much Budget I need for SEO?

SEO cost is subjective and it depends on various factors like – Targeting marketing location, number of keywords to be focused, content support requirement, previous SEO efforts on your website and competition. We as leading SEO service provider charges INR 8,000 to INR 15,000 per month for mines and mineral industry. We have designed a very scientific cost calculation tool for business to plan their budget effectively –

SEO Cost Calculator (Free and No Registration Required)

By using this tool, you will get an idea about tentative cost for your SEO. If you are not sure about parameters and don’t know anything about SEO technique then contact our sales representative. We will assist you and let you know about SEO for Mining and Mineral Companies in detail.

Most of the mines and mineral companies do not have a attractive website. We will help you with your website design and development needs as well. We are full spectrum digital marketing company and do provide cost effective website design services.

How to Start with ARE InfoTech?

Working with ARE InfoTech is easy and simple. Our sales and technical team will provide you free SEO audit and SEO proposal. Once you provide us go ahead, we will share a detailed SEO roadmap and strategy with you. We will need some basic details and your website credentials to start with SEO campaign. Our reporting mechanism is very efficient and transparent. We will notify you with progress on WhatsApp, Email and call as per your convenience. We assigned a dedicated account manager for each campaign and the account manager is available 24X7. We shared monthly SEO report and conduct review meeting twice a month. However, the entire process is flexible and depend on your convenience.

Final Say!

We understand that every business and industry is different and need tailored solution. If you have more concern and queries about SEO for Mining and Mineral Companies then feel free to contact our SEO experts. We have been providing SEO services since 2009 and have dedicated in-house team for all your needs. Whether you need content writer, Graphic designers, Web developer or SEO expert, we have all expertise handy.

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