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Digital Marketing for Ecommerce Website

Digital Marketing for Ecommerce Website

- Himesh Vyas

With advanced technology and open source available, setting up an e-commerce website is a just matter of a few clicks.  Without any technological and coding knowledge, one can easily start e-commerce website. If setting up e-commerce is such a simple task then what is difficult? The biggest challenge is to drive relevant traffic and increase sale on website. Once your Ecommerce website is built it doesn't mean the orders will come rushing in. You have to plan a proper marketing strategy to boost your sales. As a leading agency, we have been providing end to end digital marketing solutions to world’s leading e-commerce websites. Our reach clientele includes latest electronic online store, fashion and accessories portals, online cake delivery portal, grocery shops, online pharmacy and retail stores. After designing the website from scratch, the developed and implemented a comprehensive digital marketing strategy getting superb results for our clients. Our digital marketing expert decided to reveal the secret of successful e-commerce website.

Digital marketing for e-commerce website is a process of driving the target audience to an e-commerce portal through various digital platforms. In order to get expected results, one need to be flexible in approach of choosing right platform for marketing. Our comprehensive E-commerce Solutions help businesses succeed in recent past. When looking at marketing techniques to boost your sales, you want the most effective ones to grow your reach and solidify your authority online.

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We have complied some good digital marketing strategy for you –

SEO for Online Store

SEO is most recommended and least implemented strategy by most of the digital marketing companies. When we talk about digital marketing for e-commerce website first thing anyone can suggest is SEO. However, how many companies or e-commerce stores are getting good results from SEO is a real subject of inquiry. If you try to implement basic SEO strategy or poor SEO approach, you wouldn’t get the right results and business. E-commerce SEO is very different from conventional SEO. We won’t be giving away all our SEO optimization service secrets here – there isn’t enough time. However, we can ensure you that our SEO services will definitely boost your website sales. Before you start your SEO or digital marketing for e-commerce website, we take the time to discuss with you the best approach to it. Our tailored SEO strategy and unique technique will help you for sure.

Social Media Marketing for Online Store

Target audience and buyer persona: You can’t go about selling a medicine to a person offering fitness program on internet.  The first and most important step in social media marketing for online store is defining the right set of audience and their online behavior. If you know your target audience well, half of the work is done. Most of the companies and digital marketing experts run advertisement on social media platform without knowing the audience behavior. It will not only burn your cash but also tranquilize your social media marketing efforts. We as a social media expert always do extensive research in consumer behavior, their social activities and platform usage. Our social media marketing strategy will be based on above three pillars hence the conversion chances are more.

Content Marketing for Online Store

Content is king in digital marketing world. Most of the e-commerce website owners have content about their product and offering. However, once you have the content, how do you present it, is the most important and difficult task. The content will help in convincing the customers that the product is the right fit for them. Apart from you own website or social media pages, you have to identify the right set of websites and third-party platforms to promote your content. It requires a lot of expertise and experience in choosing the correct set of websites which will create buzz for your products online.

ORM for Online Store

Online Reputation Management, ORM, is vital for e-commerce companies. Whether you are running your own e-commerce website or selling on third-party portals like amazon, reviews and ratings matters a lot. A proper ORM puts you in control of what people saying and feeling about your product and its impact on purchasing behavior. The products and expectations should be matched in order to grab the attention of buyers online.

Email Marketing for Online Store

Email marketing is very familiar technique among most of the business owner. We all know about sending emails to a database and asking them to redirect to our website for a purchase. However, do you know what is the email opening rate and conversion rate?

Conversion does not mean of buying a product, it is landing on your website via an email marketing campaign. The harsh truth about email marketing is it provides you less than 2% conversion rate and very few customers against the efforts. At ARE InfoTech we have developed a effective email strategy especially for e-commerce websites and generate more then 25% traffic and business from email campaigns. To know more about how we have delivered such fantastic results please contact us and understand the science behind email marketing.

E-commerce Promotional Ideas


Attract visitors, capture their attention and convert them into business. The secret ingredient of successful e-commerce website. Making an e-commerce website popular is like building an empire. No, you can’t grow and build and empire in a day. The same goes with e-commerce website also. You need to tackle and monitor marketing strategy with patience and consistent efforts. It is about the right publicity and brand awareness 360-degree. You can depend on digital marketing strategy however an offline buzz is ebulliently important for success.

Digital marketing for e-commerce does not end with the above-mentioned tools and techniques. It is a constant evolving process and matter of research. One need a proper guidance and mentorship to build a successful e-commerce portal. If you are ready with your selling plan and looking a reliable partner for your IT and digital marketing needs then ARE InfoTech is best choice for you. Our past track record, expertise in handling technical challenges, deep understanding about business models and most important the experience team can defiantly help you.