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How to Use Paid Search as well as Organic Search Results to Your Advantage

How to Use Paid Search as well as Organic Search Results to Your Advantage

- Ashafak Shekh

Miami is one of the smallest major cities in the United States as it is one of the most densely populated cities in the country. However, the city was ranked as the 3rd richest globally of purchasing power.

The city of Miami is the core of the nation's eighth-largest metropolitan area, with a population of 6.1 million. The metro area has the most prominent urban economy in Florida and is the 12th largest in the United States.

The Vice City boasts a strong international business community who have undoubtedly benefited from Miami SEO services. The GaWC or (Globalization and World Cities Research Network) even considered Miami a Beta + level world city.

Paid and organic search results are two search engine outputs that SEO experts observe. It is also an indicator of how much the leading search engines trust your web pages. Still new to the terms? This article will give an overview of the two and how you can keep a balance between the two and gain an advantage for your company.

The Definitions and Differences:

● Paid Search Results: 

Paid Search Results are the results displayed on positions 1 to 4 on top of a first search engine results page (SERP). They are paid-per-click advertisements that can be managed through Google AdWords. These are more expensive short-term investments that are only good for limited-edition products and urgent campaigns because of the immediate results obtained.

● Organic Search Results:

Organic Search Results are the core results that show below the paid ones. With other competitions for visibility on a SERP, such as Google Map listings, it is becoming harder to ensure a spot in free traffic. Furthermore, these long-term investments are suitable for the company's core products as rankings take time to improve. Moreover, your search engines' trust rate will still be maintained for some time even if you decide to stop your SEO services.

How You Can Use Both:

● Use Your Paid Data to Enrich Your Organic Keywords:

Perhaps the most significant advantage of investing more money on Google AdWords and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is that you will be able to see your keyword performance. Once you see how one or a set of keywords are working for your pages, you will be able to adjust or update your list. It is a wise way to put your money into good use for the betterment of your rankings, and Miami SEO services can help in assuring that you would.

● Pay More for Generic Traffic:

A general question or product search will bring out thousands to millions of web search results. Getting to the top or even on the front page of that SERP would be crucial, of course. Thus, it would be best if you chose to put more budget into generic web search terms and longer tails. 

● Pay More Also in Organic-poor Traffic:

On the other hand, there could also be situations or keywords where your free traffic is not working well.  It would help if you built more reliability and stability on your brand by paying for specific organic boosts. Once consumers trust your content and products enough, they instinctively input your company name into the search bar themselves. 

● Pay More for Smaller Screen Size:

Simply put, the key reason here is the mobile screen's size. Unfortunately, mobile web search results only allow 3 top organic results compared to 4 on desktops. Thus, you need to put your budget more into paying for more mobile-friendly results than on desktops or other devices.

At ARE InfoTech, we have unveiled the ultimate guide on how to leverage both strategies for your advantage.

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