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How to use Linkedin for your business: Growing Your network and generating sales leads

How to use Linkedin for your business: Growing Your network and generating sales leads

- Ashafak Shekh

When we think about social media marketing, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter immediately pop into our heads. And rightly so, because these 3 are considered the “Social Media Marketing Giants” and have a proven record of making quite a word in the B2C sector. But what about B2B marketing? Don’t you think connecting with leaders, decision-makers, managers and aspiring entrepreneurs who think like you is equally essential? Without setting aside a yearly budget and an effective lead generation strategy for B2B marketing, your business is missing out on a comprehensive growth, revenue generation and brand visibility action plan. So which is the ultimate, result-brining social media application for lead generation? It is none other than LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a professional marketing tool which was launched in 2003 and has been forgotten since. But slowly and steadily, this application is creating a buzz and steering its way to the top, surpassing Facebook and Instagram in generating leads. LinkedIn has over 900 million users, of which 310 are monthly active users from over 200 countries and territories. Also, about 82 per cent of marketers have reported having found great success through a LinkedIn lead generation strategy. Do you still believe it is worth missing out on LinkedIn? If not, the benefits of LinkedIn marketing are potent. Let’s find out!

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

Facebook is about posting fun content, Instagram is about sharing your brand stories and product images to connect with audiences, and Twitter is about putting your opinions. But LinkedIn functions slightly different from the countless social media applications.

LinkedIn is a professional content-geared platform focusing on networking, building careers and sharing industry-related views and ideas. It is a fantastic marketing platform to connect and share content with seniors, colleagues, employees, potential employees and employers, competitors, business partners and customers as well. Thus, LinkedIn marketing is a process of utilising LinkedIn by an individual or a corporate to draw attention to their page/profile. It helps gain attention, get leads from LinkedIn, drive traffic to a website or blog and build genuine connections.

LinkedIn is a leading paid and organic lead generation tool. It offers multiple features and tricks for a user to generate leads on LinkedIn. Some of the paid tools are LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Boosting and Showcase Pages. On the organic front, apart from content sharing, LinkedIn allows you to recommend and endorse the works of other people you have worked with in the past. This is an excellent way of building a network and opening a passage for new opportunities. ARE InfoTech is helping their clients grow their businesses by improving their social media presence on all social media platforms including LinkedIn.

Benefits of LinkedIn Marketing for Businesses

According to research, LinkedIn is responsible for 64 per cent of qualitative traffic to corporate websites and pages out of all social media platforms. Some of the other perks of LinkedIn include the following:

  1.  Get leads on LinkedIn from legitimate audiences interested in your business and build a professional nexus.
  2.  LinkedIn advertising and marketing help narrow your target audiences based on industry-specific variables and demographics.
  3.  Make your company visible and easily found on LinkedIn by optimising it, using power words and hashtags.
  4.  Use LinkedIn Showcase Pages to promote your products, services and business developments.
  5.  Enjoy the benefit of tweaking your ad campaigns based on your goals and objectives. You can also customise your ad budget.
  6.  Analyse ads with LinkedIn analytics and improvise your business marketing strategies.
  7.  You can also boost your conversion rates of the ad campaigns.
  8.  Gain credibility and trust for your business amidst industry leaders and customers.

How to Use LinkedIn for Business Marketing?

Here is a list of essential steps for every business to get leads on LinkedIn consistently.

  1. Create a strong LinkedIn Page for your Business: Set up a business page and engage with your audience with informative, unique and relatable content regarding your business. A business page helps your target audience understand and learn about your business better. It is essential to optimise and update your business page with relevant information and the latest developments of your business.
  2. Strong LinkedIn Presence: Once your business page is ready, you must ensure that each of your executives or company heads has an impactful LinkedIn presence. This helps in building connections. Your executives must post content around their work with your company while directing the audience to your business page.
  3. Consistent and Appropriate Content: Prepare a content calendar/schedule and post insightful and industry-specific content to develop connections with like-minded professionals and also keep the customers engaged.
  4. LinkedIn Paid Products: Align your sales and marketing team to efficiently build sales strategies which are linked to the company and consumer goals. Likewise, it will be easier to find customers and close deals. Moreover, you must set a LinkedIn ad budget for campaigns to draw more potential customers.
  5. LinkedIn Groups: LinkedIn is also a social media platform, like the rest. Therefore, you must find groups related to your industry and interact with other professionals and customers for a better B2B nexus.
  6. Hire a LinkedIn Marketing Team: While you can use the services of an in-house marketing team to post content for your LinkedIn page, you will require the services of a professional agency to look after your ad campaigns and budget. They are experts and know how to use your budget to bring skillfully bring profitable results.

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