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Facebook Post Ideas to Increase Engagement

Facebook Post Ideas to Increase Engagement

- Ashafak Shekh

Getting engagement on Facebook has gotten more and more difficult with the likes of Instagram and TikTok becoming the forerunners in the social media race. Yet there is still a considerable amount of audience out there waiting for your optimised Facebook engagement posts to come flying into their feeds. 

Here Are 8 Ways to Improve your Facebook Engagement

1. Rope in the Trends
Posts, concepts and videos trend because they are cool, they are new, and they are catchy. A post is said to be trending when many people either discuss it or attempt to emulate it. For something to trend, the algorithms have to click and that is all the reason why you should make your own content in tune with the trends. People like to engage with topics that are popular and if they notice your point of view on something new, they are likely to comment and share. 

2. Quintessential Questions 
The way you want to use questions in your interactive Facebook posts is the way you want to drink coffee: not too much, not too little. If you drink too much coffee, you WILL have a case of the jitters. Too little, and your brain refuses to work. 
Similarly for your social media, a question every now and then is action inducing, thought provoking. But a question every time is boring and sometimes downright annoying. Make your questions so that the answer would be short, personal and easy to write. 
Now that’s a (ca)fine analogy.  

3. Videos 
Facebook has a dedicated ‘Watch’ section on their App where users can devour cool videos for hours on end. As a part of your engaging Facebook posts strategy, you must make videos that are to-the-point and come preferably with a catchy song. Humour is also the key, so is the intention to portray the vibe that your brand carries. Here is a Facebook space where you can be creative, confident and win your audience over. 

4. Infographics 
These are data driven graphics that contain important information like stats, figures and quick facts. Infographics are highly immersive and a user tends to hover over these for a good amount of time. Well made infographics have an enhanced shareability too. Users might be compelled to send your infographics to their friends who would be able to relate to or simply use the information you provide. 
5. Start a Blog 
Blog posts and Facebook are inseparable. These two form a timeless match that like a pair of good ol’ blue jeans, will never go out of date. Having a blog will lend your social media marketing some professional cred, while Facebook will help drive traffic to your blog where you can elucidate your brand’s products or services. Blogs are also good tools to create a lasting impression and following that helps in creating organic engagement in the long term. 

6. Tips & Interesting Facts  
Short texts are the most readable of all types of content on Facebook. The attention span of a user scrolling through social media is well held by interesting tips and quirky facts. These types of posts are engaging and can provide insightful information in a very few words. Like infographics, tips and interesting facts have a very high shareability. 

7. Contests & Giveaways 
This is a guaranteed way to get attention to your page and increase engagement. The best way to go about with contests is to make tags and comments mandatory for participation. Contests are very different from all other content types. While most posts need to be short and crisp, contests work better when more elaborate.  

Contests  increase reach, improve brand visibility and uplift the quality of your social media. You also have a chance to harvest User Generated Content (UGC) and repost great quality organic content on your page. 
8. Be Original
All great social media pages have one thing in common: Originality. This cannot be stressed enough. Just be original, always. In a sea of content on Facebook this is the only way you can expect to stand out. Even when you are posting something that is on the lines of a Trend, add your unique touch to it to guarantee great results.  

In addition to these points, you must also take care to tap into the most optimal time to make your post. This will give you the highest chance of engaging your audience. Also, you can try posting at different frequencies everyday and see by hit and trial what works best. Lastly, be result driven and you will ensure that your page gets the engagement you desire.