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As a Blogger Why You Should Pay Attention to Use the Plagiarism Checker?

As a Blogger Why You Should Pay Attention to Use the Plagiarism Checker?

- Gautam Sharma

No one becomes a blogger overnight. Either you have spent hundreds of hours learning to become a blogger or your experience has made you work as a blogger, this job is not easy. It is like writing all the time and paying attention to current affairs, the latest news, and trends. A blogger’s life might seem entertaining but it is not so happening and entertaining as it looks.

A blogger needs to go through a lot of write-ups in a day and sometimes they are assigned topics that are the same as the previous ones. A computer might give different information every other time but a human brain does not work like a computer. Humans usually make duplications when they write on the same topic and this is very common in freelancers and bloggers. If a particular thing will require some information on the internet how many times would one rephrase it to make it unique? 

It becomes very difficult for writers to pay attention to creating unique and original content. If in any case they are caught with any kind of duplicate content they are either penalized or have to face harsh consequences. 

This kind of copying content from one place without giving credentials is termed plagiarism. It is important to learn about plagiarism and its rules because once you enter college your plagiarized assignments will not be submitted to the teacher. Moreover, bloggers and freelancers should also know about this term because many freshers start content writing but have no idea about what plagiarism is.

Using duplicate content has a lot of disadvantages. If you are a student and studying in college then your plagiarized copy of the document can kick you out of your institution. As it is theft and is considered a crime freelancers can get in trouble if found with any duplicate content.

Therefore, plagiarism checker tools are introduced to avoid plagiarism in the content and save people from publishing duplicate content. In this article, we will explain why bloggers should pay attention to the plagiarism checker tools and which tools are best to use for checking plagiarism online.

  • Checks the originality of the content quickly

As discussed earlier, humans are not like computers. We cannot scan a document and find out whether the content is copied or not. At times when a person is enveloped with a pile of deadlines and assignments, he is left with no time to check the content by himself. Here the plagiarism checking tools can be helpful to check the originality of the content quickly and it shows accurate results by comparing the content with hundreds of websites available online.

  • Provides the uniqueness of the content in percentage

Many websites show the result of the originality of the document in the form of percentages. You can see how real your writeup is and whether it needs editing. Most institutions use plagiarism software to check papers and allow instructors to check whether their work is at an acceptable standard rate. Similarity can tell if a particular article is being copied.

  • Original content boosts the ranking of a website

If you are writing for a website then imitating content from another website will be harmful to your website’s rankings. Google’s search engines will not be able to get your website on the top rankings. For a website to reach a higher rank, you need to do SEO and insert original content that is different and not copied from anywhere.

  • Search through multiple databases

These tools are created in a way that allows access to many databases. This means that other authors cross-inspect documents in many documents. This allows you to hide your content from anywhere on the Internet, so you can detect plagiarism. This is done within minutes and the plagiarized part is highlighted so that the author can take the necessary steps to eliminate the plagiarism. If the content is plagiarized, or if a dispute arises, you can resolve the suspicion by providing a link or excerpt to the article whose content has been removed.

  • They are accurate and safe

A plagiarism checker is a best and most accurate way to detect the theft of written content in any form. It is always recommended that you use these tools to do whatever you have written to maintain your trust as a professional and to resolve issues that may arise later. These tools accurately highlight segments that contain content that has already been disclosed. Once verified using an online plagiarism checker, these segments can easily be swapped to become the original work.

Let us have a look at the best plagiarism tools that give instant results and are available online.

  • Prepostseo

For people who need quick and accurate results, prepostseo is the best tool to check for plagiarism online. It is one of the widely used tools that help students, teachers, and freelance writers to detect plagiarism in their content. Its simple and easy-to-use interface with multiple functions allows all types of people to use the tool anywhere any time they want to. It just requires you to copy and paste the text or upload files in the given area and the results are shown in seconds.

Apart from its feature, this tool is 100% safe and secure to use. It does not save any kind of information in the database and is people can use it freely to check any kind of documents.

  • Skandy

Another tool for checking plagiarism online that is extensively used by students during college or university to verify their work before submitting it. The biggest feature of this website is that it allows images instead of text to check plagiarism. The tool works as an image-to-text converter type of thing that helps students to extract information from the image directly.


Writing duplicate content can cause your very bad days. Instead of copying from somewhere else, create your own content and produce an original piece of document. Originality is always appreciated. You would also never appreciate something that is duplicate and copied from anywhere else, similarly Google and other search engines don’t appreciate duplicate content and they just vanish it away from the search engines.