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Skin Care Clinical

A Skin Care Clinical Chain contacted us in 2017

They had very basic website and limited social media presence. It was in 2017 when they were limited to Gujarat with 10 Clinics in major cities e.g. – Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat and Baroda. In short the online presence was not up to the mark as per our initial analysis. We provided them a roadmap and strategy which they agreed upon. We designed a tailor-made digital marketing solution for them and they got results in very first 6 months as their foot falls on clinics get doubled. By seeing the results the company asked us to go more aggressive with our strategy. After one year they start expanding their presence in Gujarat’s tier 2 cities like Mehsana, Palanpur, Bhuj, Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Junagadh etc.

Expansion beyond the boundaries

A small step or decision of going global with digital marketing makes them the major player in skin care industry. Now they have presence in Rajasthan, UP, Delhi-NCR and Southern part of the country. Apart from physical clinics they have started online consultations too. Now the company has dedicated team of doctors who consult patient online. The company has achieved tremendous growth year on year and achieved 10 time of revenue compare to 2017.

As we have demonstrated how they achieved what they deserve with our digital marketing services, our bond become stronger and now the clinical chain is part of our family. When you retain a client for more than 5 years and journey still continues which means a strong professional bond has been developed based on quality of service. Now we have set a goal for global expansion and once the legal formalities is completed, we may help them to open clinic in Europe, USA, Gulf and other part of the world.