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Web Design Trends for 2017

Web Design Trends for 2017

- Ashafak Shekh

When it comes to design field creativity plays and important role and when it comes to trends one need to accommodate current scenario in mind. We at ARE InfoTech a leading web design company Ahmedabad give an insight about current web design trends in this blog. The web design is a unique environment which is constantly changing and evolving with technology and devices. Some of the cool web design trends of 2017 are following ‚Äď

Design for Mobile (Responsive Web Design)

All the major companies and portal realize the power of smart devices e.g. - mobile phone, tablet and other small smart gadgets hence their web design has been transfer to mobile friendly approach. It is noticed that more than half of the traffic is coming from smart devices hence any website design should be compatible with smart devices screen. Mobile first approach or responsive web design is the hottest current web design trend.

User Interface

When a visitor comes on your website his or her first expectation from the web design is, it should be user friendly. When we talk about user friendliness the first parameters comes in our mind is user navigation throughout the website and content visibility. It is noticed that maximum user want zero navigation now a days, it means to reach to any page of your website they do not want multiple clicks. It is mandatory to maintain zero navigation approach while designing a website.

Color Choices

The biggest huddle while designing a website comes when it comes to colors. As per latest web design trends the choices of colors is reduced to max four colors including the base logo colors. Using so many colors unnecessarily is not advisable and it also spoils the reading experience of user.

Width Style

Being a leading web design company Ahmedabad we have observed the width related issues many a times from clients. Earlier the style was different and now a days web design templates are designed in both manner full width and box type depend upon the requirement.

Above are some common web design trends in 2017 for more information about latest website trends and web design requirement keep visiting our blog and website.