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Mobile App Development Trend 2017

Mobile App Development Trend 2017

- Ashafak Shekh

India is moving towards digitalization and mobile phone enabled technologies are playing a big role in it. It is noticed that mobile phone penetration is increased by a great extend in India. Every second mobile phone user is using smart phone now a days. This increase in mobile phone penetration opens new door for mobile app development in India.  Govt. of India is giving extensive support to digital startups hence all the businesses looking for App Developer. Increasing use of mobie data and app friendly environment makes a path for companies like ARE InfoTech. ARE InfoTec is leading name in Android App Development in Ahmedabad.  

Mobile apps are not a luxury anymore; they are a necessity for almost all the users. The mobile app development industry includes shopping, money wallet, hiring a cab, ordering your favorite food, and many more day-to-day activities. We have seen that mobile app development market is maturing day by day in 2017 and showing some good trends. Many App Developer in Ahmedabad is doing great job and serviing clients locally and internationally. 

Android App Development Ahmedabad

Mobile Apps for Small Businesses

Small and medium size businesses are also looking for App Developer in 2017. As Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says everything should be design for mobile first which means mobile app development have bright future in 2017. All big companies including Google, Facebook and Twitter are developing mobile based solution hence small digital startup can’t afford to far away from mobile solutions. Mobile app development is the need of the hour for small businesses in 2017.

Digital Payment

Demonetization was the biggest step of 2016 by govt. and creates a huge impact on Indian economy. Govt. banned 83 percent of currency overnight which create chaos in day to day cash transactions. Many mobile app based wallet helped people for transaction e.g. – PayTM, Free charge and Bheem APP. It is first time in India when road side small vendors using mobile app based digital payment system.

This mobile app development trend in 2017 shows huge potential for job seekers. The demand for mobile app developer is increased by 300 percent in 2017 in India. To know more about latest mobile app development trends and technology keep visiting our blog.

The Final Say!

ARE InfoTech is most renowned App Developer in Ahmedabad. We have produce many well-known apps for our local and international clients. Our costing paramters are very transparent and resonable. To know more about our Mobile App development charges feel free to put an inquiry with us. One of our sales executive will assist you with yout app development needs.