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Looking for Website Maintenance in Ahmedabad

Looking for Website Maintenance in Ahmedabad

- Ashafak Shekh

The content on your website is getting older every day. That s a fact. You don t know how to update it or you re just too busy. Either way your website isn t receiving the attention, nurturing and maintenance it needs. And so, there it sits, doing nothing, languishing...all alone. The first and foremost important issue after launching your website is the maintenance of the website. You need proper maintenance of the site in order to keep your website effective and to be able to change in order to meet your internet page goals. Your website needs constant updating in content maintenance, graphics and search engine listing. Regular maintained website gives you best result in Search Engine Optimization techniques and hence more business. 

Website Maintenance Service

If you are looking for a dedicate and expert maintenance company, we can help. We provide cost effective and efficient websites maintenance service for busy business owners. Let us provide your website with things such as fresh content, targeted keywords, monthly maintenance and the extra special attention it so desperately needs. The reality is, if you want your website to work, it must be fresh, it must be cared for.

Let us take care of your website. We ll smother it with attention and persistently monitor it to ensure it is always updated, always fresh and always working perfectly. 

Website Maintenance Service includes:

  • Updating content, articles and Link
  • Modifying images and graphics
  • Adding to removing pages
  • Shopping car maintenance
  • Website design modification
  • Correcting the broken links

Website Maintenance Plans 

If you are seriously interested in succeeding online, if you recognize the secret hidden potential that your website can possess, we offer a monthly website maintenance plans that just might be perfect for your business and your website. This website maintenance plans have been created and designed for the committed and resolute business owner.

Basic CMS Updates and Security 

This is the most basic yearly plan which can give you real value for money results. It is good for small and medium scale businesses and make your website up to date. The Plan's scope of work is as per below - 

1. Content update via your website CMS such as - WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any customized CMS 

2. CMS Update, plugin update and module update as per new standards

3. Monthly backup storage facility 

4. FREE SSL certificate and Security audit on quarterly basis 

5.  Website down time management and ensure smooth operation

Full Website Maintenance 

This is the most advance yearly plan which not only gives you website maintenance but also various other facilities. The detailed scope of work is as per below - 

1. Content Update via website CMS 

2. New Module or Plugin Installation 

3. CMS version update, plugin update and module update as per release

4. Hosting or server management 

5. Backup management as per required frequency 

6. FREE Yearly SSL certificate installation 

7. Up-to 3 hours free monthly time for new design and development 

8. Security scan and code testing if and when required

9. Monthly reports for visitors from Google Analytics 

10. Frequent sitemap submission in search engine 

Hourly Maintenance Plan   

This plan is purely based on requirement and scope of work. We charge based on scope of work and time taken by our team. If you are clear with your requirement and need precise support this website maintenance plan is best suited for you. 

The Final Say!

We understand the website maintenance is important for your business or organization and accordingly designed our website maintenance plans however if you have any specific requirement, please let us know. We do provide various other services which might get your attention like mobile application development, search engine optimization, digital marketing and market research. 

Feel free to contact us or call us, one of our specialists will be in touch with you for further assistance.