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How to transfer web hosting from one company to another?

How to transfer web hosting from one company to another?

- Ashafak Shekh

Fed up of downtime and problems on your website?

Everyone understands what is website downtime and we don’t think we need to explain it further. A frequent website downtime equates to lost profits and potential customers. Moreover, it is about your company’s reputation. If you are reading this blog post which means you are facing such issues with your current hosting provider and need a cost-effective, quality solution. Being the best in the business we will help you with your migration process  

This blog post will explain how to transfer your web hosting from your current provider to some other web hosting provider. I often get asked about the process of website transfer hence people are getting fed-up with website hosting companies' policies and poor services. One of the most challenging tasks about moving to a new hosting company is getting domain ownership.

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We want to take that pain away and make it easy for you in this blog post with step by step procedure.

Step 1 - Domain Ownership – Whenever you want to shift to some other hosting provider some necessary settings need to be done in your domain (URL). It is known as name server settings which reflect a new web hosting company address. We have noticed that many companies book domain on behalf of the client hence the ownership lies with them. We advise website owners to take control of your domain so that whenever or wherever you want to migrate in the future you wouldn’t feel any trouble.

Step 2 - New Hosting Plan – You need to purchase a website hosting plan from your new company according to your requirement. The website hosting plan usually comes on a monthly or yearly basis and varies from company to company.

Step 3 - Website backup – It is important to take your website backup while migrating to your new service provider. We advise keeping a copy of your website code along with the latest database. You can ask your current web hosting company to provide a backup of your website.

Step 4 – Website Migration Service - If you host your website with another web hosting company and want to change over to ARE InfoTech web hosting, then we can do the move for you. Once you have purchased a web hosting plan from us let us take the stress away from you!

Let our migration experts do all the hard work for you - We'll take great care in migrating your Website from your current hosting provider and it won’t cost you a penny!

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Moving Email Accounts

Being in the web hosting business since last one decade, we have seen many clients struggling with email issues. Most of the business owner avoid shifting to other host because they think their email creates problem. It is not just receiving and sending email to other host but the old email backup, contacts and documents creates the problem for you.

But when you came to know that it is as simple as shifting to another host then perhaps change your mind. Either you are having email with domain registrar like GoDaddy or with any third party like Zoho or Microsoft, we can do the shifting free of cost. Most of the cases it is noticed that you have email account with your existing host, then there is no worry. It is the simplest process for us to change your email with us without any backup lose.

Change Web Hosting

Domain Transfer on Your Name 

We always advise business owners to book domain by themselves. It is most common issues with most of the small and medium scale business owners. When you hired someone for website design, they booked domain name on their name instead of your name. Don’t worry we have solution for your problem. If your current service provider is willing to transfer it on your name, we will assist with the complete procedure.

The Final Say!

ARE InfoTech is most renowned company who can help you to transfer your website from your exisiting host to our server without any migration fee. We are full spectrum digital marketing company which provides various services such as website designing, website development, E-Commerce solutions, website redesign, website maintenance, web hosting , SEO Services, 3-D rendering and architecture design, internet marketing, media and advertising and project training

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