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How to Start a Website in low cost?

How to Start a Website in low cost?

- Gautam Sharma

Average cost of website design for small business

Wondering how much website design cost in India for small business?

That is the defining question we usually get asked by most of the customer when we discuss website design requirement. To understand the average cost of website design for small business, take an analogy of car. Small and basic websites might be looked like a NANO car or Alto which gives you basic luxury options, a facility to Commute and value for money. However, if you like fast, sporty look and attractive design then you have to choose some SUVs and pay extra money. Free website builder and template along with cheap hosting plans are like second hand cars which is not reliable in long journey. If you think your website wouldn’t give you any business and it is just a formality to have a website, then go for a free website builder. Having a small website with basic features is thousand time better than a non-functional free website. Website Designing and Development is single time investment so make sure that your website full fill your marketing needs, as we know it is very good saying that “First impression is the last impression”.

Web Design Cost Element in 2021

Website design is a very simple phenomenon now days; there is lots of material available on the web for website creation. Before knowing about website creation, it is very important to know about how web industry work or functions. ARE InfoTech being a leading web design company in India provides you the web design cost element in 2021.

We want our visitors to get an idea about all costing element and take an educated decision. In addition to breaking major component, we thought it would be great idea to explain basic items involved in website design process, such as –

  1. Domain Name
  2. Web Hosting (Shared server for small website)
  3. Custom Template Design
  4. Website Content Creation
  5. Basic functionalities like Inquiry form or some module
  6. Website Maintenance for a year

 Now that we’ve explained everything that goes into web design cost element in 2021, let’s get into the different costs that could be associated with each “kind” of website e.g. – Small Business Website, Basic Ecommerce Website, Dynamic Website or Web Portal.

Average cost of website design for small business

Small Business Website Cost in 2021

 Typically, Small business website cost in 2021 is not much changed from last couple of years. You might have noticed that price hikes are everywhere however, when it comes to website design cost in India it is still the same. These small business websites usually cost between INR 5,000 to INR 10,000 (If you convert in US currency and take additional conversion charges it is $100 to $200 USD).  Small business website features a fair amount of business information and inquiry form where you can get business leads. The other important features are integration with social media sites, Google Maps and Google Analytics. This average cost of website design for small business in 2021 is based on set features any additional requirement can increase your pricing.

Basic Ecommerce Website Cost in 2021

To understand the basic ecommerce website cost in 2021, first understand your requirement.

If you are running a small store or selling some products then basic ecommerce website is good for you. If your product categories are same e.g. – Clothes or Machinery then the basic ecommerce will work for you. We’ve developed ecommerce website for small shopkeepers and retailers in recent past and they are happy with basic ecommerce website. However, when you get into the territory of selling multiple products – with multiple styles, variants, etc. – that’s where e-commerce website costs increase. A simple basic ecommerce website usually cost between INR 25,000 to INR 45,000 (For international project Approx. $400 to $700 USD). This basic ecommerce website cost covers all major features like – Category management, Product upload, Payment gateway integration and shopping cart functionality. Above mentioned price is for basic type of store and if you have any additional requirement then it is charged as per the resource utilization. However, it is very common to get most of the ecommerce website under 1 Lakh in India except with some typical requirements.

How much does it cost to maintain a website?

It is very commonly asked question that what will be the website maintenance cost per year and how you will maintain or update the website with latest information. Being a market leader web design company in India, we must say it is very nominal cost between INR 3000 to INR 5000 per year for a small website. However, this is very subjective thing because other factors like Hosting space, domain TLD and daily maintenance tasks decides the costing.

 The Final Say!  

We have been designing website for small businesses since 2009 and delivered almost 3000+ websites to small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs). Before going on any conclusion about cost, zero down your requirement or at least select some look alike websites for reference. We will help you to zero down your requirement if you are not sure and let you know the average cost of website design for small business. However, if you provide some reference websites similar to your requirement then it will be very easy to provide you most competitive rates. You can check with multiple web design companies that provide you clear picture about your tentative cost and other benefits you get from ARE InfoTech.

To know more about website design cost, feel free to contact us now!