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How to Start a Digital Startup ?

How to Start a Digital Startup ?

- Ashafak Shekh

India is second fastest economy in the world and well-known for its youth population. India has almost 65 percent of youth population of its total. The increasing youth population and limited opportunity in public and private sector created huge unemployment. If you manage to get job in throat cut scenario than financial liabilities disinterest you in Job. To create more and more jobs govt. of India started the startup India campaign to promote young and dynamic entrepreneurs. We have seen plenty of job opportunities have been created by these startups in recent past. It is very well-known fact that most of startup are using technology at their back end and hence known as digital startup. It is getting popular nowadays because it requires less capital investment and manpower. The other reasons are easy market share and less cost of digital marketing activities to get new customers. 

Let's understand the complete scenario of digital start-up 

What is Digital Startup?

The revolution in mobile and internet opens the door for digital startups. If you have an awesome idea convert it into mobile app or website, you will be a digital startup. Many digital startups are playing to role of facilitator between two parties or helping hand for some services. It is very easy to start a digital startup hence it require less infrastructure and minimum investment compare to any other conventional business.

Digital Startup Challenges

Being a leading digital marketing agency and website design company we are witness of so many digital startups. We have privileged to interact with many founders and co founders about their interesting entrepreneurial journey. We have identified few common challenges for you –

  • Initial investment to execute idea in digital start-up
  • Primary user base for website or app
  • Approach on sales
  • Collaboration with different stakeholders
  • Scaling teams for operation
  • Investor contacts
  • How to approach investors for funding
  • keep it all together in the fast-paced chaotic state

Above are some common but most obvious challenges faced by almost every digital start-up.

Funding Sources for Start-up 

Investment or funding is the biggest hurdle while starting a digital start-up. Most of the time you have to approach multiple investors for a single funding need. Unlike most of the web series and movies angel investors are not the only source for funding a start-up, there are many ways from where one can get the funding such as - 

1. Angel Investors 

2. Start-up Incubators 

3. Start-up Accelerators 

4. Crowdfunding 

5. Private and Govt. Loan Schemes 

6. Bootstrapping 

7. Friends and family 

Above are some key sources for funding a start-up. However, if your idea is unique, scalable and demanding then many businesses competition can be a good platform to generate funding for your digital start-up. Nowadays govt. run incubation centres are the best organizations to approach because they will not only help you with funding resource but also provide you necessary mentorship. 

Start-up Marketing

How ARE InfoTech can help you to overcome digital start-up challenges?

  • We provide end to end consultancy for startup as far as digital marketing is concern E.g.- Logo design, Website design and development, SEO, Social media promotion, Brochure and marketing material design, Email marketing, Whatsapp marketing etc.
  • We do understand the budget issues for a startup hence our all services are affordable and provide you flexible payment options.
  • We do provide opportunity to meet the leading venture capitalists in India
  • We deliver excellent customer service and technical support which helps you to focus on your core idea rather than worrying about back end technical operation.

To know more about digital start-ups calls or meet us.