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How to Promote Your Wedding Planning Company?

How to Promote Your Wedding Planning Company?

- Ashafak Shekh

The wedding planning business is a highly competitive but very lucrative business at the same time. Wedding planners need knowledge about holding an event and need to know about everything that goes into it. Here we will read to learn more about how to promote your wedding planning company.

Being a leading and renowned name in wedding business promotion, ARE InfoTech worked with several companies.. Our digital marketing clientele include big destination wedding planner to a small event coordination company.  This blog post is sum of  our experience and expertise in wedding planning business promotion and lead generation. 

How is wedding planning different from the management of other events?

Before we go forward, let's get to know how wedding planning differs from management or planning of other events.

When an event like a concert, a party, a film festival, or an anniversary occurs, it can all finish on day one, or if it is a film festival, it can take five days. Still, the difference lies in the commercial value of a film festival or a concert and the human value of a wedding.

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Following are some of the critical differences: -

  1. In other events number of seats are fixed, and so is the number of people who are supposed to attend an event is set. But, at a wedding, that number can change anytime, and you'll have to be prepared for any last-minute changes.
  2. In other events, the responsibility of entertainment lies in the films or the artists. In contrast, at a wedding, you have to be attentive and provide everything and go above and beyond in terms of service.
  3. And the most critical part is the traditions. You'll have to know practices, rituals or customs a particular client follows and plan the whole wedding according to it, including planning for video recording, planning for catering, decoration and other things differently for every ritual.

So how should you promote your wedding planning company?

As you develop your wedding planning company and business, marketing will help your company's growth and help you get more clients and grow your business further. Following things are mandatory for promoting your wedding planning company:

NETWORKING For wedding planners, networking is at the top of the list to develop a client base. Solid networking can help your wedding planning business in two ways:

a. Word of Mouth Publicity (WOM): People who got service from you or know about your services may refer your wedding planning company to others. Word of mouth publicity is a time-tested formula for marketing and has existed since even the term marketing did not exist.

b.  Business to Business Publicity – Collaborating and networking with hotels and caterers and people from other services will give you and all the companies associated with you a symbiotic advantage of growing all the businesses together by sharing consumer databases and sharing customers and providing services to them together.

PRINT ADVERTISING Print advertising comes in a broad range, from free or inexpensive Pamphlets to an expensive print advertisement in an ad in a newspaper costing substantial money.

BUSINESS CARD This small but mighty marketing tool can also give your business a boost even in this age of the Internet. Business cards can tell a lot about a person, company and service. They are tangible and give information to the customers about your business in a short, concise form. You can consider a business card as a small brochure; many planners opt for designer folding business cards because more information can be included than a traditional business card.

Include your name, business name, contact information like phone number, e-mail, website address, and address of your office, along with your specialization and logo, and even testimonials from past clients. Always remember to carry your business cards because you never know when and where you might come across a potential client. Ask your group vendors with whom you work to leave a stack of your business cards at their business place.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION commonl known as SEO is one of the most efficient way to promote your business to a new set of audience who is looking services on google or any other search engine. If you website appears on the top spots of google, the chances of getting business leads are more. SEO leadsare best in terms of conversion. You can hire an expert SEO company for your wedding planning business to rank well.   

Wedding Planning Digital marketing

INFORMATIVE BROCHURES Just like a business card, a professional brochure can help cement you as a professional wedding planner. A flyer will give insight into your company, so make sure it's designed at best.

The brochure will include all the information listed on your designer business card. This will allow you to expand upon information about your business, with the additional benefit of photographs which you will add to the brochure. The photos of successful weddings you've managed.

BILLBOARD/ HOARDING You can also opt for a display advertisement on a billboard.

TV ADVERTISING This will cost you more than print advertisement but has more impact due to its audiovisual effect on the audience.

DIRECT E-MAIL You can send your wedding planning company brochure via direct mail. All you need is a good and relevant mailing list, and you are good to go. Direct e-mail should be taken as an add on with other forms of promoting your business.

DIGITAL ADVERTISING This is something which will make your Destination wedding planning business and service reach the masses through the Internet. When it comes to social media marketing, the following sites can help you immensely.

  • Facebook. Facebook is for communicating with a network of friends. You'll create a Facebook page for your wedding planning company and use it to promote your business. Postings to your Facebook wall might include information about a new wedding venue in the region you are doing business at or some behind-the-scenes pics from a wedding you're hosting. You can check out the Facebook pages of other service businesses you use and see how they're using Facebook to their advantage.
  • Twitter. With Twitter, you can tweet to your followers to inform them about your business. "A grand destination wedding in Udaipur" or "A royal wedding in Jaipur" might be messages that promote your business while also offering insight to your followers about your business and the kind of service you provide.
  • Instagram. Instagram has changed the way people used to do business. On Instagram, you can post pics, videos, reels, swipe posts to give your followers all the information about your business which provides them with the feeling of inclusiveness and thus instantly help in promoting your wedding planning company.
  • As your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers grow, stay active and creative. You'll have to invent new ways to engage and entertain your audience and encourage them to share your posts with their friends, and just keep your company on auto marketing mode.

WEBSITE OF YOUR WEDDING PLANNING COMPANY When it comes to business, nothing in today's time beat the WEBSITE of a company to promote a company, especially when we're talking about a Wedding Planning company. A website provides a customer with direct access to your business and includes information where word of mouth can't reach. You can place testimonials from people, videos from the weddings your company have planned, photographs, venues etc. the possibilities are endless. With a well-designed website, you can benefit your business immensely.

CUSTOMER SERVICE No form of promotion will work the way your service will do, give excellent service to a customer and be sure you'll get ten more. While service is subjective to everyone, you'll have to keep on looking for new ideas to give better service and be creative with those ideas and come up with ways to improve the service you provide.

To improve your wedding planning services, consider the following:

  • Learn Management: Take a course or a series of courses in event management.
  • Give Time: Invest in an hour or more with an industry consultant.
  • Learn from others: Get information on marriages organized by other companies in your industry and study how they are doing. Good as well as bad of other wedding planning companies will be helpful to you.
  • Delegate: No business can work without proper delegation of all areas of your business. Delegate your work correctly, and do not try to do everything on your own. Using centralized task and project management apps to give alerts to your team will save a lot of time and effort and keep you in the loop for progress.
  • Feedback: If there is anything that can help a person or a company grow is feedback. Good feedback and appreciation are essential to keep one motivated and makes one work better. But honest negative feedback or criticism is what will make you improve your wedding planning company and make services better.

The Final Say

The marketing is endless and it depends on your budget and target audience. However, if you are not sure how much efforts is required to get proper visibility, you can hire an expert digital marketing company to assist you for your branding and marketing needs. As we all know that digital marketing is need of the hour and if you do not utilizing it for your brand building then you are missing something very big. Please feel free to contact us for your marketing needs, our expert will suggest you tailored solution as per your requirement.