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Zend Framework Training in Ahmedabad

About the Course :

If you are working in core PHP and want to explore your skills further in framework ae at ARE InfoTech provides you best zend framework training in ahmedabad as per your timing and schedule. Please note that we will be learning Zend Framework Version 1.12.3 which is stable and production ready and will be supported for next 2 years. Zend Framework version 2 is already out but still has some issues and might not be a good idea to use it in production till it matures fully.

We start from basic concepts and build up on that.

  • The course starts with basic PHP OOP concepts. This is just a refresher.
  • Then we move on to learn basic Design Patterns, their importance and application.
  • Zend Framework Basic introduction.
  • We then move to Model-View-Controller structure in Zend Framework.
  • Creating Projects and other components using Zend_Tool.
  • Understanding the project folder structure.
  • Understanding the application.ini and index.php.
  • Detailed discussion on Zend_Controller.
  • Understanding the Zend Framework application work-flow.
  • Understanding Controllers and Actions.
  • Using Action helpers.
  • Zend_View Concepts and Application.
  • Using Zend_View helpers.
  • Using Zend_Layout to create and use multiple layouts.
  • Creating modules to have a fully modular application.
  • Zend_Db Concepts and Application.
  • Zend_Db_Table and Table Data Gateway Pattern.
  • Zend_Db_Table_Row and Zend_Table_Db_Rowset and their applications.
  • Zend_Db_Select and Zend_Db_Statement and their applications.
  • Using Zend_Session to store session variables.
  • Using Authentication and authorization with Zend_Auth and Zend_Acl.
  • Using external config files with Zend_Config.
  • Creating External config files using Zend_Config_Writer.
  • Implementing caching with Zend_Cache.
  • Localizing and internationalizing applications using Zend_Locale.
  • Internationalization using Zend_Currency and Zend_Date.
  • Translating applications using Zend_Translate.
  • Sending and receiving e-mails using Zend_Mail.
  • Paginating using Zend_paginate.
  • File operations with Zend_File.
  • Using Zend_Filter to ensure sane inputs.
  • Using Zend_Validate to validate input values and formats.
  • Using Zend_Form to manage forms.
  • Using Zend_Registry to store globally accessible variables.
  • Creating a simple Database driven application.
  • Using AJAX in Zend Framework.
  • And some more Zend Framework Components.
  • Course Duration:

    The ZF course usually takes up to 30-35 hours. But it completely depends on the participant's speed. It can take lesser or more time depending on how fast the participant copes up.