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Ahmedabad Based Hospital is a New Destination for Medical Tourist

Ahmedabad is known for medical tourism worldwide, many international patients visit Ahmedabad for various surgeries and treatments. Like many other super speciality hospitals our client approached us in 2020. Being the big brand the hospital marketing team tried running PPC themselves but had struggled to generate any leads that were of high quality or that had converted. They were struggling to compete with some of the big brands; we conducted a deep dive into the search terms relevant to the industry and focus on right countries. The main idea was to put them in those countries where they realistically compete.

Apart from Ad strategy we start promoting in some of African and gulf countries. Our strategy strike well and we started getting leads for some transplants. Once our few keywords positioned well we focus on other line of treatment and soon the website secure top three positions in most of the African and gulf countries. The sales team of the hospital completed the remaining 50% task to convert those inquiries into business. Now every month 5 to 10 international surgeries are taking place in the hospital from organic SEO. We have achieved the results in 10% costs of their past allocated budget. The hospital has done some tie-ups with hospitality companies and planning to provide end to end packages for foreign patients. Now we have new challenge to promote complete package deal and helped them to be the darling destination for medical tourist.